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Hair Type Brands - Brazilian, Russian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian,Cambodian?

Hair Type Brands - Brazilian, Russian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian,Cambodian?

These are the latest hair extension trends or a more fitting statement would be "the latest hair extension scam trends" used by the beauty industry.

Raw Virgin Hair - The Truth About This Hair and What You Need To Know

Raw Virgin Hair - The Truth About This Hair and What You Need To Know

Do you remember having that perfect hair day when your hair never looked better? You looked amazing, felt great and the compliments just kept coming?

All you heard was "Wow you look great, I absolutely love your hair!" or "Where did you get your hair done?

How about.. "it looks great!", "I love what you did with your hair!", "Who is your hairdresser?" and "What did you do to your hair? I love it".....

You loved all the compliments, didn't you?

Hair extensions used to be only for rich and famous celebrities but now they are available to everyone but beware.

The hair industry is unregulated. This means that unscrupulous merchants and sellers will falsely advertise poor quality hair as authentic virgin hair to try to get you to purchase their goods.

Finding authentic hair vendors is very difficult due to the large amounts of bad hair saturating the market. Low-quality hair vendors are hiding behind pretty websites and/or offering spectacular deals.

Do you know what to look for?

Do you know the various hair types to protect yourself from purchasing bad quality hair?

Read on to find out more...

Remy Hair - What is it?

Remy Hair - What is it?

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding with Remy (Remi) hair vs virgin (raw) hair.

Remy or "Remi" is likely the most used phrase in the hair industry but the least understood. Consumers get very confused with Remy hair vs virgin hair especially when packages are marked "Virgin Remy", "100% real Remy", "Remy human", etc, etc, etc.   so let me explain...

100% Human Hair - Remy vs Non Remy

100% Human Hair - Remy vs Non Remy

Human hair is also known as "non-Remy hair". Non-Remy meaning that the root cuticle of the hair to its tip do not always go in the same direction. Because of the way it is collected there no guarantee of this so the hair is processed to remove the outermost layer to try to prevent the hair from matting and tangling.

You will rarely see advertisements saying "non-Remy" hair but you will see a lot of hair marketed as "human hair".

Most human hairs sold online and in beauty stores is non-Remy because it is available in mass quantities.

Since it is in such great supply is it good hair?

Human Hair Quality - What exactly is it?

Human Hair Quality - What exactly is it?

 Human hair quality is not 100% human hair. It is a mixture of non-human hair mixed with premium quality heat resistant or some other form of synthetic fiber. It will also be a lot cheaper than 100% human hair.

Have you heard stories of hair melting at the touch of a curling iron?

Perhaps this has happened to you?

What you likely purchased was human hair quality hair.  The package advertised for "human hair quality" Remy meaning "not really human hair but with human hair like qualities"

 Smart advertisements can easily state "human hair quality" towards the back end of their advertisements where their statement of human hair quality could easily be overlooked or interpreted to mean real human hair with good quality.

Remember the hair industry is not regulated so many unscrupulous merchants are using misleading advertisements to sell to you.

 Human Hair Quality.  Is it still considereRemy?

Heat Resistant Hair?

Heat Resistant Hair?

Heat resistant hair is an alternative type of hair made of synthetic fibers that are specially developed to resist damage from excessive heat sources.

This synthetic fiber has been made to resemble human hair as much as possible in order to fool customers into thinking that it is human hair so be aware. Its unnatural sheen should be an indicator.

Heat resistant hair is found in wigs but can also be found in hair extensions.

How do you know if you are unknowingly buying this type of hair?