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We are proudly a Canadian online store based in Winnipeg Manitoba.

At Hair Integrity we stand upon the principle that providing good hair information to our customers makes for a sharper-eyed consumer.

All of our hair is ethically sourced from India because it is the best hair type for all ethnicities.

Our company carries only the highest gold standard quality grade of raw virgin hair which is 9A grade and the highest silver standard quality 8A grade of virgin Remy hair derived from raw virgin hair.

We ship worldwide.

 How many of you have purchased bad quality hair believing that you had purchased the good stuff?

You made a decision for your next look or you were still deciding what you wanted your new look to be when you began your online search?

You clicked through various websites carefully browsing through of the hair ads hoping to find...


You know, that special hair extension that would call out to you whispering

Buy me...  Traffic will stop for you

Not wanting to waste any more of your hard earned money on bait and switch hair, the kind of hair lures you in to buy it. Looks beautiful and feels great until that first wash or heat application?

Shrewdly you check out the pictures, the descriptions, and the customer reviews. Eventually, like a sharp-eyed eagle, you set your eyes upon

THE ONE.                           

Content that you’ve looked at enough hair ads and their information you select the "buy me" button and pay for your order.

How excited you must have been when THE ONE finally arrived. You just couldn’t wait to see it. Excitedly you make your way into the packaging and gently lift the hair out of it.  Visions of your new look are already dancing in your head. You can't wait to have it installed and when you do you look and feel great! Everything is right with the world and you look FANTASTIC!!… that is until that first shampoo and conditioner application after which your hair got all tangled up and all that soft smooth shiny hair you had disappeared even though you washed it carefully. You instantly come to the realization that once again you’d purchased bad quality hair.

You are not alone.                           

 Many customers are looking for 100% unprocessed virgin hair or authentic virgin Remy hair extensions.

They want premium, long lasting, authentic virgin hair extensions but are not sure what hair quality to buy and where to get it due to unscrupulous hair merchants with misleading misrepresentations in their advertisements.

Many of these re-manufacturers are Asian international sellers who distribute these low-quality hairs to retail and online vendors who sell it to you.

With the help of low-quality chemical treatments, these hairs can be made to appear to almost look like high-quality hair. 

Many vendors are not honest in their advertisements because they do not have to be. The hair industry is unregulated so these vendors sell “knock off hair”.

A lot of the hair that is actually being sold is "Non-Remy" hair.

 Non-Remy hair is left over hair that is usually gathered up from the floors of temples in India, salons, hairbrushes and combs. This hair is gathered up and recycled to make a weft. As these hairs run in all different directions it will tangle and matte quite easily. 

The hairs are then labeled for current market trends such as 100% virgin and 100% best quality Remy or 100% Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, Cambodian hair etc. etc. etc. and sell at low prices.

The hair extensions market is so saturated with this non-Remy hair that it makes it difficult for a customer to find 100% genuine authentic raw virgin hair and true virgin Remy hair.

Hair Integrity has found that many customers have a limited product knowledge base with regards to the various hair types being sold.

 Purchases of hair extension brands were based on either one's assumption, on another's opinion or just the picking of a brand in the hopes that it is a good choice.

There are also consumers who have gone "hair blind" to the bad hair that they are choosing and wearing and waste precious dollars purchasing this non-Remy hair over and over again.

At Hair Integrity we stand upon the principle of honesty and integrity in wanting you to have the best hair available. Our mission is to provide excellent customer support to all customers who come to our site and a good knowledge base with regards to the various hair quality types being sold on the market prior to making a purchase. 

We firmly believe in providing only the very best which is 9A grade 100% raw Indian virgin and Indian virgin Remy hair extensions as this hair naturally matches all hair types and ethnicities. Anyone stating a higher grade is being deceptive.

Hair Integrity expects that customers only want the best authentic hair and we are here to help.

Celebrating and embracing your individuality is another Hair Integrity belief. At Hair Integrity each and every customer is unique.

All of our 100% unprocessed raw virgin and virgin Remy hair color only comes in natural color 1B black, natural color #2 brown or a variance between the two as no dyes of any kind has been applied to the hair. The hair is in its natural state from the donor.  

We sell 100% unprocessed raw virgin Indian hair wefts, bulk (loose) Indian hair and weft virgin Remy Indian hair that is derived from unprocessed raw virgin hair.

Our raw hair weft is used for micro braiding, sew-ins, clip-ins and can also be cut for use with clip-ins for a customized fit. 

100% raw virgin Indian bulk form hair or loose hair as it is also called, provides a variety of options such as wig making, tape in, braiding, micro-interlocking, fusion, etc.

Our 100% unprocessed raw virgin Indian hair and virgin Remy hair is of the highest quality.

You can dye it or have your hairdresser dye it to suit your tastes at any time.

Our hair will not shed, matt or tangle.

 We offer to you an authentic high-quality product. 

With proper care, your hair will be reusable for years to come. 

 Hair Integrity will only provide to you the very best and make it a point to keep in stock only the highest quality 100% raw virgin and virgin Remy hair.